Security Service of Ukraine opened a case into attempted state power takeover: all plans were stored on servers

31.01.14 22:54
Translated by Olia Knight

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), having completed an investigation of the data stored on servers seized during the search of “Batkivshchina” [the opposition, “Fatherland”] party offices, opened criminal proceedings into actions aimed at state power takeover.

Maksym Lenko, the Chief of Principal Investigative Department with the SBU, announced this live on 112 Ukraine TV channel, writes Ukrayinska Pravda.

“Among that materials present in this investigation, there is data indicating that during the planning stage of these actions, a ‘power scenario’ was considered an option. Namely, an option when there would be use of force against protesters that resulted in widespread publicity and undermined the credibility of government and the president,” he noted. Lenko added that the SBU needed two months to complete the investigation.

“The Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine provides two months for an investigation,” he said.

On January 31, the Interior Minister announced that mass protests in Kyiv were planned in advance, and that a forceful development was in the works as well. “The information stored on seized Batkivshchyna servers indicates that mass protests that started in Kyiv on November 21, 2013, were not spontaneous but carefully planned in advance,” said Deputy Chief of Principal Investigative Department with the SBU Oleksandr Gnativ. Gnativ talked about the servers seized on December 9, 2013 on Turovska St. in Kyiv in the office of “IT”, LLC as a result of the fraud investigation. The SBU seized computer equipment and documentation. Gnativ underlined that the investigation has “the data indicating that the so-called ‘power scenario’ was among planned developments in these actions.”

“That is, the scenario under which force would be used against the protesters, and that would cause public outcry and undermine the credibility of the government and the president. Currently, the obtained materials are being examined by experts to determine whether they contain information aimed at the violent overthrow of the constitutional amendment or a takeover of state power,” he noted. According to Gnativ, only after this expert investigation will it be possible to determine whether the data in question is considered a crime under Article 109 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (actions aimed at violent change or forceful overthrow of the Constitutional order, or the seizure of state power). He noted that if the crime were determined, the SBU would then investigate the nature of the crime.

Meanwhile, Batkivshchyna called the Interior Ministry announcement about the planned nature of protests a provocation, and noted that the police earlier denied the search of the party’s office on 13, Turovska St., as well as seizure of Batkivshchyna servers, and instead claimed that the search was conducted on the premises of a neighboring company as a result of fraud investigation. “This brings down a logical question, how could the servers seized from a “company next door” turn into Batkivshchyna servers,” the party wonders.

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