About the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!”

By Olexa Mann

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=796819820334279&set=a.148304875185780.29716.100000188051785&type=1&theater

Olexa Mann

I’d like to say a few words about the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” Lately it has fully changed its meaning for me. And got a new sense. When in the smoke of tyres and clouds of violet gas with zero visibility a hundred of people is coming to help you, crying “Glory to Ukraine!” in this apocalypse, and thousands of voices cry in return “Glory to Heroes!”, you understand that the paradigm of the slogan has changed. You know that your berserks are coming. Quickly coming to the aid.
It is a battle cry of the warriors. A battle cry of unconquered and concentrated people that scares the policemen to death. It sounds really frightfully. Warlike and convincing cry. It is not an inaudible greeting of Taras Ustymovych in straw hat, with Orest Yukhymovych in lambskin hat, from the “Prosvita” fellowhip, in the red arrow-wood bushes on the birthday of Kobzar. Not at all. That came to an end. Green fields, cherry gardens and poems about clover are done with. There is fierce war. It is a slogan of indignant citizens who fight shoulder to shoulder against the army of brutes. Peasants, farmers, writers, artists, managers, programmers, ultras and doctors fight together. Everyone is on its hind legs. There stand side by side with fully destitute people who have nothing to lose men with three academic degrees who fluently speak five languages, have their businesses and serious companies. It is a huge variety of vivid human characters. An Ukranian covered with homemade shield stands in one line with a Russian, a Hebrew, an Armenian, a Tatar and a Byelorussian. This is “Glory to Ukraine!” Everybody fights: right ones, left ones, centrists, marxists, liberals and transhumanists.

When they hear “Glory to Ukraine!” they understand what that is about. It is concentration. Not a weak pacifist chant but an aggressive warlike call of people who launch an attack. A dangerous attack, where you may be killed. They go to fight for their future in a free land and they will tear these brutes to tatters with their teeth and eliminate that filth. Because it has to be wiped out.
What these so-called ‘authorities’ and these filthy cops can set off against this slogan? Not a bloody thing. To rattle their shields, so that not to hear it? But they here it all the same. I think, they are afraid. Very afraid. Who did not hear it, won’t understand me.

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