Ukrainian oligarchs have two weeks to save themselves

Ukrainian oligarchs have to weeks to save themselves, – Soskin


Trandlated from: Nata Kenya

Oleg Soskin, professor of National Academy of Management, on air of UKRLIFE.TV noted that Ukrainian oligarchs have to weeks to save and preserve their capitals.

“All the oligarchs will be destroyed, for Victor Yanukovych it is absolutely clear. The first one he cleaned up was Anisimov, – not an oligarch, a “smotryaschi” (a person who is a monitor of the “thieves law” in criminal world or prison), but has already been a good “smotryaschi”. Markov was also a badass in this area, but now there is no party, no television, he isn’t anymore, his brother in America, why he didn’t go to hide in Russia I don’t understand. Also there is Rector Peter Melnik, who was raising Yanukovych and Azarov, is now on the run, poor thing, barely managed to escape, only he his tail was pinched. They are not oligarchs, but the method itself what matters.

Minor oligarchs Yaroslavsky and Chernovetski, they were cleaned out pretty tight. Cleaning up is already happening, a lot have been arrested, and now they are getting closer to the first-line leaders of powerful and large financial groups. Gas will become the instrument to bring them on their knees. They will not receive gas now, they will get it only from Kurchenko’s or Yanukovych’s son’s hands, – said Oleg Soskin.

In addition, he stressed that fateful date for Ukraine will be January 27, 2014 when Moscow is holding its meeting of Eurasian Economic Union leaders.

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