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Das “Massaker” von Odessa – Propaganda gegen Fakten

08.08.14 | Halya Coynash | Charkiwer Menschenrechtsgruppe (Übersetzung aus dem Englischen) Die tragischen Ereignisse in Odessa am 2. Mai 2014 werden gerade mit Hochdruck in eine Propaganda-Kampagne für Moskau verwandelt. Gleichzeitig sind die Fakten jetzt verfügbar und müssen allgemein bekannt gemacht werden. Wenn … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Humanitarian Situation – Internally Displaced Civilians by Region (interactive map)

06.24.2014 Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty The UN Refugee Agency estimates there are over 34 thousand Internally Displaced People [IDPs] in Ukraine (as of June 16, 2014). Where are displaced civilians fleeing to?  The on-going conflict between pro-Russian separatists and … Continue reading

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A must-read for everyone, especially members of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine [RNBOU]. Please repost. –A. Maximenko By Vasily Pavlov, retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian army and ANNA correspondent in Syria 06.16.2014 Translated and edited by Voices … Continue reading

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By Halya Coynash 06.16.2014 The EU has invited Russia to join talks on the EU-Ukraine trade agreement  This radical climbdown from previous refusals to engage in trilateral negotiations is reportedly called “significant” by EU officials who claim it reflects a “new … Continue reading

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Global Response to Putin: That Flickering Red Line

By Halya Coynash 07.06.14 Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Edited by Voices of Ukraine G7 countries have given Russia another month for pretending to take measures at ‘de-escalation’ while continuing to wage undeclared war on Ukraine. In the meantime France is … Continue reading

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