Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 3, 2014

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  1. chervonaruta says:

    The information being spread by a Michael Crayton of so-called “inquiring minds” is in fact incorrect. It was our mistake that we used the RIA NOVOSTI photographs that contained the meta data code stamps saying what Crayton alleges WE are saying. WE simply translate and do not espouse anything. The article translated here in fact says the exact opposite of what Crayton is pretending it says in English. The article in fact says the following:

    “1. Special forces deny that Stanytsia Luhanska could have been bombarded by Ukrainian pilots. The RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] maintain they have evidence that the tragic shelling was done by terrorists ​​from a “Grad” MLRS (that is the identification of the ammunition used in the shelling). Moreover, this particular “Grad” has been already captured by the ATO from insurgents.

    The bad news is that there are many people, including the people in Donbas itself, who believe in the Kremlin’s fairy tales. And therefore it is necessary to clearly dot the “i.” [It is necessary to] conduct the most thorough investigation, with the help of international organizations, in particular the OSCE. And to provide all the available evidence to the UN.”

    And here is the proper link to the actual article itself on our site, not just the photographs, that carried their own misleading links (which we did not realize, but Crayton wants to attribute to us to pretend to make his argument a nice tight but totally mindless propaganda one):

    It’s also so easy for this individual, Michael Crayton in London, to judge who we are off the top of his head without substantiating anything he says. In fact there are members in this group opposed to President Poroshenko quite vehemently, and we are most definitely NOT anti-Russian – in fact we ARE Russian (joke’s on you my friend for the lies and stereotypes you are disseminating so glibly, yup, the truth hurts often!), and there is no junta in Kyiv so get over it and count the Nazi’s in your own back yard because as statistics have proven over and over from numerous sources (please read our articles and follow the links to check for yourselves) the “fascist junta” in Kyiv did not even get 2% of the vote in the May election while the extreme right grew in every European country. We strongly suggest you stop reading this individual Crayton’s lies and do your own research, starting with the mission statement on our site.

    Finally, if the Ukrainian government is responsible for anything, we translate and post that here too. In fact, we already have numerous times. We are happy to critique this government no matter who is at the helm of it. We are interested in the truth of the situation on the ground, not in spreading hatred and stereotypes. And that truth is sometimes painful, because human beings do many strange things for a variety of motives, no matter where they come from. We’re not interested in Crayton’s easy, ugly black and white world, we like to look into those gray areas and foster understanding and connection. And Crayton can keep yelling to the wind inside that vacuum he creates.

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